Dancing with the rockettes christmas in august edition

The best part about living life aside from being a professional blogger publicist and college student is getting to be a ballerina. This week i got to dance with the rockettes and it was an amazing experience. The rockettes are like my third family aside from my friends and family that warm feeling of dancing with them is amazing.  I cant wait to be with them again for november i think for thanksgiving i think earlier i don’t have the september or october schedules yet.  I like to ballet since i was a kid it was relaxing my elementary had us take classes i could have  been a finalist if i didn’t get tonlisitst but that’s another story. Ballet like yoga i find it mediating its like ice cream and frozen cookie dough. Today was one of the best days of my lifeIMG_20170817_120944_563IMG_20170817_121546_337.jpgMore pictures to come 🙂 you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Inspitional tuesdays Gracie

Throwback to ten years ago when i started writing blogs on MySpace being ten years ago and not knowing not much about writing. I would write little stories alot of my space bumblebees back then really enjoyed it and i would get really cute comments and really enjoy reading it.  I would also enjoy writing the stories eating Oreos and mom’s oatmeal no one makes oatmeal like she does not even quaker. One day back when Lisa Paige was a dj at 923 now i had discovered her blog pampered with paige that blog would eventually lead me to reading and discovering Gracie. Gracie had a blog at the time called girlmeetslife now hungry blonde.  Being towards the end of middle school to early high school was when i became an actual professional blogger had my first client influenster. I had liked the stuff Gracie was putting and the way it looked like not just a blog with blog posts links to connect creating pages and all that.  Gracie has an audience and i want to create my own site as well and be my own Stephanie.  That’s when ”Stephanie” was born at http://www.stephanieamazingsite.blogspot.com i gotta admit before it officially became living life with Stephanie it did build a audience till this date it has over 55,401 views and my viewers know that me and my team decided to move to WordPress after i made the decision to buy the domain once im not very busy with my travels.  Gracie plays a big role in why i decided to shut down the stephanie blog and move lvwstephanie to wordpress. She inspired me to write more about what i like to write being both in the same city and alot in common i feel like i could kind of connect with gracie and she would get it and the whole blogging and the business. I Discovered things such as bluehost and how to add widgets and just simply interact with your audience more efficient and more not just on a professional status but on a friendship status. Gracie thought me alot about what i like to write not just life but other topics such as dating and stuff. Since having just one client influenster i had grown to starting my site here and YouTube channel you can check out some of my stuff on my website. Behind every great writer is someone or someones who have inspired her. Gracie if you reading this thank you for being awesome and opening me up to new things and what i like to write about love you gracie-Stephanie  You can read Gracie’s blog hungry blonde http://www.hungryblonde.com

How to tell your ex you want it over over

The other day while i was at the airport fantasies about being with a cute guy as opposed to just Stephanie and Stephanie.  I was thinking about relationships i took an advance english class in both high school and college. The knowledge i had learned from those 5 years i plan to write a ebook someday and ill sell around 13 bucks just not now been a busy bumblebee and working on other projects during the fall and early holiday season.  Here is how to tell your ex you want it over over

  1. Block their number- Instead of changing your number and spending extra money on the phone bill just simply block the number you wont ever have to hear a phone call or text from them. Once they see months days go by and they havent heard from you or have trouble contacting you. Theyll kinda get the point.
  2. Cut off some friends – If you have some friends that are really close with your ex cut them off the point is get away from any perimeter from your ex.

Here just some ways to tell your ex you want it over over ill be making a longer post on the whole pie of the topic love you guys-Stephanie

Live with Kelly experience end of the summer edition with Ryan seacrest Joey graceffa Sisani and more

Good evening everyone i had a really fun time waking up and traveling to ny for live with kelly when i found out that joey graffaca was going to be on the show i had to get tickets. I got them on saturday on the website and woke up extra early to have time to get coffee and hit the road.  Starting off my week early isn’t bad i like it considering friday ill most likely be sleeping as the next morning i have to get up leaving new york city on early saturday this should be exciting and amazing aka ill probably have my Dunkin or starbs on the highway.  Seeing live was amazing and during my transfer process and during my recovery (ill mention that in inspirational monday blog post) ill be going to more live shows. I Only went to one this week considering i have things to get done before i leave nyc. Here is my end of the summer experience on live with kelly and ryan. Sisani ryans radio partner covered for kelly while kelly is on vacation i only seen kelly ripa once while i went for ryan Phillipe back in august. Ill be going to the future taping ill probs see her more. Live with kelly end of the summer experience was so amazing did i mention joey made it awesome the goo goo dolls performance and the sisani and ryan with the adorable cute swan. Just love it

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Happy friday dreaming about montuak cute horses and prince charming

I woke up this morning getting ready to attend the one republic concert at central park until i saw the drenching rain and was like fuck it ill watch it on tv. I’m the kind of girl who gets up at 5am just to do press and chill with amazing people.  Earlier this week my dad found a ticket a ticket i had been plan to purchase for my vacation. I was literally screaming with joy like if i had woken up and was getting ready for my wedding.  Today was a stormy friday i just love waking up to the sound of rain as it pours laying in bed with nothing on but my pjs. Just a great feeling after i had to go to work for less than an hour i took advantage and drove into the city.

happy friday and cheers to the weekend you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Steph’s travels port authority bus terminal

One of my favorite things is traveling its like a very good ice cream sundae with lots of whip cream and bananas really good and something I can’t just resist you’ll see me time to time on my traveling adventures of how happy it makes me.  I love new York city but at times I like to spread my wings and go everywhere and experience everything everything about life. One of my favorite terminals that i like to depart from aside from the airports and railroads and buses at grand central i like the port authority bus terminal in Manhattan. You can literally go anywhere to Washington Pennsylvania new jersey places like Atlantic city and cape cod Boston anywhere than might lead to San Francisco or five blocks down at Penn long island.  my favorite the Hampton’s.  One of my favorite things about port authority aside from the everything everything if you want to save on a plane ticket its the foods i love getting sandwiches from the Au Bon pain turkey and avocado aside with 20170729_17204320170729_170804. There is everything despite avoiding the fucking creeps in the terminal who are just so fucking gross.  It’s not a wrong if you live in new york and just want a getaway. What is one of your favorite traveling places and spots? 20170729_172054

Some of my favorite places to grab coffee in New york city

Living in new york city all my life my favorite time of the day was breakfast and eating things such as farina with nesquilk and as i got older coffee here just some of my favorite places in new york city to grab coffee ill probably make another list for places like california long island and other places of the world in the future. 🙂


  1. Starbucks i love Starbucks and not all of them have the best drinks i had a strawberry acai from macys and it tasted like butt my favorite ones are the ones in union square Manhattan Bryant park times square and the one at the port authority bus terminal in manhattan. Not every big coffee chain type location you can get a great drink that’ll taste really good and not like s****.

625 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018

2) Peets coffee

I Discovered peets coffee when one day they were giving out free coffee and i got notified on twitter its not far from where i live so i like to go once in a while to get their yummy chocolate chip frappuncino

853 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

3) Dunkin Donuts

There is one particular location in Manhattan that i love their teas and iced lattes its just so good and yummy i like an iced latte like how i love life sweet and with a kick my favorite Dunkin is the one by port authority terminal

323 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

4) Krispy kreme

Their hot coffee doesnt taste very good but their iced coffee taste good if you dump 5 sugar packets into it. The one reason they made it to the list it’s because i like their donuts and their donuts make up for their not so great coffee

2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001

5) Gregory’s coffee

I have yet to try Gregory’s coffee but when I do ill do a full on review i have passed by several locations threw out herald square and port authority.

6) Au bon pain

They have several locations and their coffee tastes the same all of their locations like the ones in Rockefeller center, Penn station ,port authority union square they all taste the same I don’t really have a favorite au bon pain location to grab coffee. They are good not great

7) Variety coffee

My favorite im not a fan of black coffee but they made it to the list considering they are probably one of the few locations im probaly willing to get black coffee. On the days when im so tired i can barely open an eye black coffee becomes my bff.

261 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001


Let me know below if your coffee drinker or like coffee shops to hmm get bagels and muffins? let me know below if you have a place and we will eat and drink bagels together 🙂 you know ill always love you goodnight-Stephanie

The weirdest sexual things that are just plain weird

Sex its the one topic that whenever someone talks about it in some occasions its like when someone is holding a really hot latte and its kinda hot and they start shaking it and not holding the latte.  It’s a topic that some people are mature to talk about it and others are shaking hot lattes about it.  I’m kinda part of the iced latte crew aka not really ashamed to talk about it or drop the iced latte.  I was reading an article the other day on some things that people do sexually that it’s either for pleasure or to spazz up their junk. One of the things i was reading was how some guys pierce their penises. i found that pretty weird and just asking why? Even though i never had sex or done any sexual acts i can assume if you’re doing things such as piercing your penises its gonna make sex uncomfortable and turn a nutella candle like experience into one that’s like needles and pain. I heard some guys just using condom is a little uncomfertable which no don’t stop using it piercing i can imagine way worse. Another weird thing i heard about is how some guys tattoo their junk it’s not gonna make sex any painful but there is literally no use in money for that.  Instead of tattooing or doing some weird things that some guys do with their junk. Use that money towards something useful and less painful and weird like dinner for instance or vacation? i wouldnt just wasting money on something so ridiciolus to the guys would you do any of these freaky stuff? to the girls would approve it? i would just think its weird and that my guy had way too much to drink or too much coffee. let me know in the comments below i love hearing your thoughts leave me a comment below and be sure to follow me on twitter @stefannyprecious and instagram @stephaniebumblebee98 you can find my youtube videos in social media section you know ill always love you 20170722_130613

Scenes from life mid summer style

It’s almost the dog days of summer my favorite time of the year. One of the reasons i love august is i get to take a break from school and work and get to go on vacations. Aka drift away from my life in nyc and go head somewhere near strawberries and whip cream and it’s almost that time ill be leaving my old college of almost 2 yrs and going to a new one in the winter/spring. its gonna be the first time in almost 20 years i wont be in classes this fall doing college tours preparing transcripts i still have some recommendations from high school i plan to use for my file and mail out to cuny im also doing a suny application for one their schools near nyc for spring. i get the best news ever im passing i have a new job and im ready to start a new smooth cool ac chapter of my life

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